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Up in the Air (5/10)

Posted in Entertainment, Movie Reviews with tags , , , , on February 14, 2010 by Brandon
Ryan Bingham’s life is tidy and uncluttered, just the way he likes it. Jetting from town to city to metropolis and back again, firing hundreds of workers, because the companies of these employees don’t have the guts to fire them themselves. So they outsource the job of firing them to Ryan’s employer, who send him and 22 other people zooming across the nation on a daily basis, a handy rehabilitation packet in their hands and the words “you’ve been let go” always on their lips. Ryan is the company’s best employee, always eager to hop on a plane or spend a few hours in an airport lobby, and the movie’s premise is clearly a set-up to illustrate the lonely and isolated life Ryan leads and the importance of personal relationships in our daily lives. In fact, it is painfully clear, to the point where the movie feels less like one man’s personal journey and more like a series of pre-arranged vignettes that Ryan must travel through in order to become enlightened. Continue reading