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New Screen Junkies Articles

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So it’s been awhile since I came out with new Screen Junkies stuff, but in the past couple weeks I’ve published two articles. Here are the links, knock yourselves out! 😀

This one is a couple months old, but I never linked to it here, so here ya go…

12 Delicious Movie Theatre Munchies

In honor of the new South Park season coming out…

12 Best South Park Political Parodies

And a continuation of my article awhile back, 11 Terminally Typecast Actors, here is…

13 Terminally Typecast Actresses



Top 15 Magic Babes From Movies & TV

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My newest Screen Junkies is article is up, just in time for the new Harry Potter coming out this Wednesday. A tribute to famous magical cinematic and televised babes from years past all the way up through to Hermione. Enjoy and please digg!

11 Terminally Typecast Actors

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A little belated with this link, but better late than never. From Screen Junkies, my list of 11 Terminally Typecast Actors.

9 Most Obnoxious Movie Watchers….

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….has now been dugg over 1,000 times over at! Pop open the champagne, we gotta celebrate!

Oh yeah, and just in case you were wondering, here’s the article itself, courtesy of Screen Junkies. Enjoy, dear reader.

Kenny McCormick, the little boy in the orange parka

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A long, sad, hilarious history this little boy has had, and in a tribute to all this deaths and near-deaths, all the “oh my gods” and “you bastards,” I give you my article on Screen Junkies: South Park’s 13 Most Twisted Kenny Deaths. Peace.

Not-so-Horrible Horror

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I haven’t posted a review in awhile, for which I profusely apologize, but today on Screen Junkies you can now find my review of Last House on the Left. Enjoy.

Also, check out The 7 Heroes Who Need to Die, a feature I recently penned for Screen Junkies.

And I saw Watchmen today – expect a review within the week!


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I doubt I’m the first person to make this observation, but I thought I would put it up because it says a lot about what kids call entertainment these days. First, I give you an excerpt from the show South Park, in an episode called “Elementary School Musical.” The episode featured mainly a parody of the high school musical series, except the main kid sang and danced and secretly wanted to play basketball. By the end of the show, the four main kids have finally gotten into the fad right as everyone is getting over it, and they perform this dance number.

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