Buzz Words

On this page you’ll find various extended posts that I find particularly relevant to who I am or what I believe in about the world of pop culture, quick and easy to access, organized by year, as well as any articles I happen to pen for Screen Junkies.

Screen Junkies Articles

The 5 Best & Worst Talking Animals

The 9 Most Obnoxious Movie Watchers

South Park’s 13 Most Twisted Kenny Kills

The Top 7 Heroes Who Need to Die

Top 10 Recyclable TV Characters

11 Terminally Typecast Actors


Goodbye, Harry

Best Movie Fights


Sonic Arrives in Brawl

Star Trek Cast List Part One

Star Trek Cast List Part Two


Oscar Thoughts

Lost Season Premiere Analysis

The Revolution of “There Will Be Blood”

My Picks for 2007

Oscar Night!

Family Guy Vs. The Simpsons

Lewis Black is the Root of All Evil

The God Delusion

A Preview Review

Ted Dekker Plagiarism

Sonic Unleashed

A Forbidden Rant

Expel these Reviewers

Lost: “He’s changed the rules.”

Sonic Xtreme

An Analysis of Film Critics and a Couple of Rants to Be Safe

The Worst Film Critic in the World

Graduating Thoughts

What’s so Great about Obama?

Carlos Mencia = Talentless Hack

Silly Atheists

Movie Buzz Review Dude: One Year!

The Worst Song in the Top 40


Some Thoughts on Film Criticism

My Picks for 2008


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