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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (8/10)

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Transformers 2

Michael Bay doesn’t so much make movies as try to figure out how to fit a plot in between his ridiculously bombastic action scenes. Some people love him for it, some people hate him, but, he really technically doesn’t make truly good movies. (The Rock and The Island are the closest he’s come). With ROTF, he seems to have outdone himself, both in the amount of action that overwhelms the screen and the head-scratchingly complex story crammed into the lulls between the booms. Continue reading


11 Terminally Typecast Actors

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A little belated with this link, but better late than never. From Screen Junkies, my list of 11 Terminally Typecast Actors.

Best and Worst Talking Movie Animals

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Another list for Screen Junkies! This one details the absolute trash of the live action wisecracking animal world, as well as some of those classic babbling beasts that made us laugh and love. (Shoot me for that schmaltz.)

Enjoy the 5 Best & Worst Talking Animals!