New Star Trek trailer!

“For them [hardcore Trekkies] , Star Trek will always be William Shatner, strutting around in those little booties, performing yellow-belt karate chops on aliens dressed like Romans. But for the rest of us — people who can handle a new Battlestar Galactica, a new James Bond every 10 years, and new underpants…” – Entertainment Weekly. To me, this is why Trekkies everywhere need to stop whining about the whole reboot – Trek is dead, and it’s time to hit the refresh button. I think Abrams has done us all a big favor.

Check out this link for the awesomeness.

From the very first time I heard that JJ Abrams had gotten a hold of this project, up through the casting, even through the first extended trailer that so many doubted, I have been on board with this movie, knowing it’s going to be awesome, and each trailer only reveals that further. With this one we finally get some juicy dialog, serious character interaction, and epic moments right and left. If you still aren’t excited for this movie, and are still doubting how epic and revolutionary and awesome it’s going to be….well, that might be wise to wait and see. But you can go ahead and sit there and be all pessimistic and bored if you want – I’M SHOUTIN IT OUT TO THE WORLD!!


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