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Kenny McCormick, the little boy in the orange parka

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A long, sad, hilarious history this little boy has had, and in a tribute to all this deaths and near-deaths, all the “oh my gods” and “you bastards,” I give you my article on Screen Junkies: South Park’s 13 Most Twisted Kenny Deaths. Peace.


Watchmen (9/10)

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Originally, I was going to write a review based on Watchmen purely as a movie, unrelated to the graphic novel. That was before I actually read the graphic novel, and having done that, and been more able to appropriately grasp the spirit of the book, it’s impossible to look at Watchmen the movie as entirely separate from its origins. As I read through the graphic novel, I began to comprehend the immense scope of the whole thing – it’s much more than a graphic novel, incorporating elements of poetry, art, novels, newspapers, comics, and more into a seamless whole that traces the development of this superhero world from basically its beginnings to its present. It’s engrossing and impossibly well executed, and the very thought of trying to write a script for this beast almost makes the brain explode. Continue reading

TV’s Top Ten Recyclable Characters

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Written by yours truly, courtesy of Screen Junkies. Check it out right here.

My Picks for 2008

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Late though this post may be, what with the Oscars come and gone, I decided it was finally time to put up my best of 2008 picks. So without further ado, I give you My Picks for 2008.

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Not-so-Horrible Horror

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I haven’t posted a review in awhile, for which I profusely apologize, but today on Screen Junkies you can now find my review of Last House on the Left. Enjoy.

Also, check out The 7 Heroes Who Need to Die, a feature I recently penned for Screen Junkies.

And I saw Watchmen today – expect a review within the week!

New Star Trek trailer!

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“For them [hardcore Trekkies] , Star Trek will always be William Shatner, strutting around in those little booties, performing yellow-belt karate chops on aliens dressed like Romans. But for the rest of us — people who can handle a new Battlestar Galactica, a new James Bond every 10 years, and new underpants…” – Entertainment Weekly. To me, this is why Trekkies everywhere need to stop whining about the whole reboot – Trek is dead, and it’s time to hit the refresh button. I think Abrams has done us all a big favor.

Check out this link for the awesomeness. Continue reading