I doubt I’m the first person to make this observation, but I thought I would put it up because it says a lot about what kids call entertainment these days. First, I give you an excerpt from the show South Park, in an episode called “Elementary School Musical.” The episode featured mainly a parody of the high school musical series, except the main kid sang and danced and secretly wanted to play basketball. By the end of the show, the four main kids have finally gotten into the fad right as everyone is getting over it, and they perform this dance number.

Earlier today, I was watching Nickelodeon (in my defense I was watching Spongebob, which is one of the best cartoons on TV), and there was a short music video for the new Nickelodeon original movie Spectacular! (yes, there is an exclamation point. Apparently the marketing team thought the audience wouldn’t understand how spectacular the movie was without it). This is the video.

Isn’t this sad? Completely non-ironic, comes out a couple months after the South Park episode come out. Life imitating art. These people are completely unaware that an episode came out a few months ago that skewers the very family friendly fare they’re involved with, and that they already wrote this song. The South Park people should sue. This is what passes for “family” these days, or “kids.” Since when did either of these become synonyms with stupid?


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