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I doubt I’m the first person to make this observation, but I thought I would put it up because it says a lot about what kids call entertainment these days. First, I give you an excerpt from the show South Park, in an episode called “Elementary School Musical.” The episode featured mainly a parody of the high school musical series, except the main kid sang and danced and secretly wanted to play basketball. By the end of the show, the four main kids have finally gotten into the fad right as everyone is getting over it, and they perform this dance number.

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Yes Man (7/10)

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Could it be? A light, bubbly, frothy comedy from Jim Carrey that’s actually funny, and showcases some of the funniest Jim Carrey moments in recent memory? (Not counting The Number 23, of course.) Yes, its premise is flawed. And yes, the storyline is predictable and hardly anything more than exactly what you’d expect from the trailers, but sometimes you need to go to a comedy to just laugh your ass off, and thanks to Carrey and a cast of earnest supporting performances, “Yes Man” is just that comedy.
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Seven Pounds (5/10)

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The trickiest thing about making a movie with a surprise ending is that you have to find a way to make it so that the twist feels like a fulfillment of the promises shown earlier in the flick, such that in retrospect everything takes on a new meaning in light of this revelation. Essentially, there needs to be a reason for the secret, and “Seven Pounds” ‘s lack of a reason is the beginning of its undoing – it tries so desperately to keep its secret that it kills a good premise with confused storytelling.
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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (6/10)

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Whatever you do, don’t walk into “Button” expecting anything resembling the psychological drama and horror Fincher’s previous work preoccupied itself with (“Fight Club,” “Se7en,” “Zodiac”). In this movie, Fincher takes a turn towards the decidedly more romantic flowery tragedies of life long love. Though fans of Fincher’s other work may find themselves turned off by his newly discovered whimsy (and I count myself among them), it’s not these differences that make the film a sub par one, but the squandered premise, derivative script, and simplistic attitude.
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The Spirit (6/10)

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Splatter-splash visuals, slapdash implementation, candy coated violence, a buffet of curvy femme fatales, and a loose balance of zippy post-hero irony and hilarity make up the backbone of The Spirit, at once at homage to and a skewering of the comic book and its often ridiculous conceits. Its audacity as its risks its way through territory that would make 300 or Sin City look like high art may be mistaken for ignorance and poor quality, but there are too many inside jokes, too many self-referential gags, for this to be easily labeled as a bottom-of-the-barrell shlock-fest that only trades in cliches without acknoweldging them.

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Bolt (8/10)

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What differentiates Bolt from every other CGI monstrosity released by Disney and similar companies looking to make a lazy buck is the character-centric story – cheap scatological humor and pointless slapstick moments are blessedly few and far between, so Bolt & Co have a chance to breathe and charm the pants off the audience.

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