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Keanu’s back

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And not doin’ too badly, by my account.  Check out my review of The Day the Earth Stood Still over at Screen Junkies.

Enjoy, gangsters.


Quantum of Solace (6/10)

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Hey, look, it’s the new James Bond film, opening with a whiz-bang car crash and more than a dozen minutes of action before the first line of explanatory dialog comes along. After this courtesy, a pissed off Bond wheels off to the next disaster he’s going to avert or cause. If theatres had a pause button, I’d have used this chance to wield my pausitory power. Because when you look closely at “Quantum of Solace,” it ain’t really a James Bond film. And coming from someone who appreciated Casino Royale’s take on the series – a re-vamp/start/newal that honored series traditions while polishing up some of the dusty ones, this ain’t exactly a compliment.
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