South Park series end


…but not quite yet. Here’s an article from the LA times – an interview with Trey Parker on how the series will end and how it might go out. I’m glad they’re talking about it. All the best series end sometime. Simpsons has become stale even though it’s technically still clever, and Family Guy is starting to suffer from the same problem. Though South Park has evolved a lot over the years, and probably will continue to do so, it can’t always be relevant, and it sould go out someday, with a strong bang.

And here’s an interesting article related to a South Park episode – “Kick the Ginger Day.” Say what you will morally about the situation, isn’t this just weird? I wouldn’t be so quick to blame South Park – it’s the parents fault for not watching the show with them instead of just allowing the TV to do the baby-sitting. It’s up the parents to research whatever shows their kids are watching – Trey Parker and Matt Stone should be allowed to play whatever they want on TV – for audiences mature enough, it’s not harmful. But to impressionable minds like youngsters, it could be dangerous, as obviously seen. Shame, shame, parents. Shame, shame.


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