Good Buzz for Bolt

So Variety has given one of the most reluctantly praising reviews ever, right here, of Bolt. And right away, he’s saying stuff that I knew from the beginning – it’s got pixar touches, the gags, the way the jokes work, sometimes function like the subtly witty and visually character driven world that Pixar movies create. Of course, it’s obviously not going tog be adept at it, because it’s not directly under Pixar’s umbrella, but this shows good signs for the company as a whole.

Adn there’s also some pretty amazing buzz for the Blu-Ray version of Wall-E. After Ratatouille set the standard with its Blu-Ray release, stunning and popping eyes across the nation with its exquisite detail, Wall-E ups the ante EVEN FURTHER. Geez, perfect picture? That’s a big claim. I saw Wall-E in digital and it was pretty mind-blowing, so seeing it in Blu-Ray is going to be a necessity. Anybody got a Blu-Ray player and HD TV?

And what’s with the new Tinkerbell movie being out? I thought John Lasseter tried to stop that monstrosity. Sigh. Oh well. Nothing can stop the corporate machine, I guess. Sometimes, though, the corporate machine turns out some pretty good stuff. And sometimes the independent movies put out some pretty crappy stuff, so it’s about equally balanced.


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