New Harry Potter trailer!

Readers of my blog know well how much I didn’t like Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I’ve expressed concern multiple times over the course of the past year and a half how much I don’t think David Yates is the right man to direct it – OOTP was the worst of the bunch and was nothing more than a convoluted mish-mash only vaguely resembling the book; it cut out waaaay too much, so that much of the strong characterization was lost, and the final battle was just meaningless flashes in the dark.

Check this out.

You can access the HD version by clicking one of the options here.

THIS trailer, unlike the original teaser, actually shows us some cool shit – the look, just like the last one, is just right, and from the sound of the script (the screenwriter for the first four movies is back), it looks like it might be the best in the series yet. Not to mention the casting – Jim Broadbent as Slughorn, though not as portly as was described in the book, nevertheless looks absolutely perfect for the role. Daniel Radcliffe just keeps getting better and better, and Michael Gambon, if we’re lucky, may have finally eased up on Dumbledore’s angry side and getting more in touch with his calm wisdom and terrifying prowess.

And, most importantly, of course, QUIDDITCH IS BACK! The side plotlines of Hogwarts Quidditch Cup have always had to be cut short or sometimes eliminated completely – which is a shame, because the experiences Harry goes through as a Seeker are an integral part of his character development and JK Rowling’s world in general.

I’m crossing my fingers but I will remain skeptical until the movie is playing before my eyes.  July 17 can’t come soon enough.


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