Screen Junkies!

Ladies and germs, I give you…

Screen Junkies

It’s a movie/TV/review website, and I am now officially an intern-type person for them. My main thing that I do is TV Recaps (Heroes, My Own Worst Enemy, Fringe, South Park, The Office), and as time goes along I’ll add more shows to my roster, as well as doing movie reviews when I get the chance and other kinds of rants as well.

I’ll still be publishing reviews, links, and the like here.
And my Heroes rant is now up on the website, and for those rabid fans who absolutely needed me to give them my thoughts on the Heroes season so far, the article pretty much says it all.

In Defense of Heroes

And look, I already have cute little detractors underneath telling me that I’m wrong without giving any reason why! I must have truly arrived, now. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the website, it’s my next step up the blogosphere ladder.


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