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Yet another Star Trek trailer

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An Ain’t It Cool News exclusive!!

The Star Trek trailer was pretty cool in my opinion, but this one is even better.  Some extra special added footage. Happy Thanksgiving. (Watch till the very end – no peeking.)


Role Models (7/10)

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“Role Models” differs from the usual big Hollywood comedies in that most of the funny stuff in the movie comes from what you could actually believe and picture people saying.  Aside from some shallow characters (whose gimmicks are forgiven for their hilarity), the central storyline and actors do such a great job of sharing excellent chemistry and being just plain funny that you forget that the story is essentially a formula – irresponsible adults must learn the value of looking at the world through children’s eyes so that they can learn their own life lessons. You can even tell that this is going to be the story from the trailer, so let’s move on to more specific plot details.

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Zack and Miri Make a Porno (6/10)

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This movie’s an interesting beast. On the one hand, it features some of the most hilarious dialogue and excellent performances that I’ve seen in a comedy in recent memory, but on the other, the script tries so hard to be something different and cool and funny at the beginning that you can’t help but be a little bit pissed off when the last half hour veers it into train-wreck love cliche territority – like a lot of Kevin Smith projects, the film struggles to find the balance between unadulterated raunch and a strong belief in the power of love, but unlike his talented counterpart Judd Apatow, the movie’s not so much able to toe the line as jump back and forth.

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South Park series end

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…but not quite yet. Here’s an article from the LA times – an interview with Trey Parker on how the series will end and how it might go out. I’m glad they’re talking about it. All the best series end sometime. Simpsons has become stale even though it’s technically still clever, and Family Guy is starting to suffer from the same problem. Though South Park has evolved a lot over the years, and probably will continue to do so, it can’t always be relevant, and it sould go out someday, with a strong bang.

And here’s an interesting article related to a South Park episode – “Kick the Ginger Day.” Say what you will morally about the situation, isn’t this just weird? I wouldn’t be so quick to blame South Park – it’s the parents fault for not watching the show with them instead of just allowing the TV to do the baby-sitting. It’s up the parents to research whatever shows their kids are watching – Trey Parker and Matt Stone should be allowed to play whatever they want on TV – for audiences mature enough, it’s not harmful. But to impressionable minds like youngsters, it could be dangerous, as obviously seen. Shame, shame, parents. Shame, shame.

Variety sucks and rocks at the same time, the Dark Knight is awesome, and don’t let your daughters read Twilight.

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Maybe it’s cheating because I got this link from the website I write for, but meh. It’s pretty dang funny, and I love that Variety themselves host and link to the original video.

Variety’s version of the video…

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Good Buzz for Bolt

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So Variety has given one of the most reluctantly praising reviews ever, right here, of Bolt. And right away, he’s saying stuff that I knew from the beginning – it’s got pixar touches, the gags, the way the jokes work, sometimes function like the subtly witty and visually character driven world that Pixar movies create. Of course, it’s obviously not going tog be adept at it, because it’s not directly under Pixar’s umbrella, but this shows good signs for the company as a whole.

Adn there’s also some pretty amazing buzz for the Blu-Ray version of Wall-E. After Ratatouille set the standard with its Blu-Ray release, stunning and popping eyes across the nation with its exquisite detail, Wall-E ups the ante EVEN FURTHER. Geez, perfect picture? That’s a big claim. I saw Wall-E in digital and it was pretty mind-blowing, so seeing it in Blu-Ray is going to be a necessity. Anybody got a Blu-Ray player and HD TV?

And what’s with the new Tinkerbell movie being out? I thought John Lasseter tried to stop that monstrosity. Sigh. Oh well. Nothing can stop the corporate machine, I guess. Sometimes, though, the corporate machine turns out some pretty good stuff. And sometimes the independent movies put out some pretty crappy stuff, so it’s about equally balanced.

“The wait is over.”

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Words cannot express how much I am looking forward to the new Star Trek movie. It goes above even the anticipation I felt for “Speed Racer” or “Spider-Man 3.” AND NOW THE TRAILER IS ONLIIIIIIIIINE!!!

Here’s the link to the video itself on youtube.

More specific thoughts on the trailer: OH MY GOSH A REAL TRAILER IS FINALLY HERE!!!

Even more specific thoughts on the trailer: It looks awesome. Just. Flat-out. Awesome. There’s more going on in this trailer than has been going on in the Trek-verse for nigh on five or six years now. My doubts about Chris Pine as Kirk have nearly been erased – he looks like the perfect cocky mo’fo to play the legendary captain. There’s precious little of Spock, but what is there looks excellent as well – Zachary Quinto, as we all knew was going to be the case, is perfect. Simon Pegg – “I like this ship – it’s exciting!” is hilarious. And is that Zoe Saldana doing a little strip tease? Hmmm……….and plus, we’re getting glimpses of the bad guy – Karl Urban as Nero. I like his dialog. “Space is diseased.” Basically, this movie looks like everything that the Trek franchise needs to get back on its feet. The story looks pretty damn interesting, it takes some liberalities with the Trek-verse apparently too (oh hush down you diehard fanboys – sometimes a little editing and snippage is necessary to make something better), and looks to give us an action packed story that will also be full of fascinating character interactions – this is the Enterprise crew back before they were a well-oiled machine – they’re going to make mistakes, blunders, and we’ll get to see them grow. Plus, of course, the special effects and action look top notch.

Dang it, why does it have to be all the way in May?