Just call me a newsie

So it’s been awhile since i’ve posted tidbits and interesting buzz around the net that’s caught my attention, and since that’s one of the reasons I began this blog in the first place, it would be remiss of me to let this blog go any farther without some relevant bit of pop culture news.

First, and most disappointedly, the new Dragon Ball movie trailer has emerged, and just as I suspected, it looks like pure crap, supplanting all the magical and weird cartoony elements of Dragon Ball with poorly acting humans and a distinct “Mortal Kombat” copycat feel. It’s weird to me, how the studios could have taken what could have been a majorly butt kicking movie and tone down most everything that made the inspiration for the story great.  Sounds like what it looked like they were doing with “Forbidden Kingdom” before it was released, and how, in the first couple of trailers, they barely focused on their gold mine star Chan and Li power at all, instead bringing it to center around this weird-looking nerdy kid from the Bronx. I doubt “Dragonball” will overturn my expectations as much as “The Forbidden Kingdom” did, but I’m hoping. And what’s with that wannabe techno gay club hot leather look that Piccolo is sporting? He looks like a bad 80’s villain. Although, from the news on the page, it looks like the trailer was unfinished and was intended only for the purposes of promoting the film within the industry and not yet to consumers like us. Sure, I’ll buy it for now – but when the real trailer comes out, you better wow me like none other, DB.

And after the extreme snooze par-tay that was Shyamalan’s “The Happening,” it looks like he wants to come back and do an Unbreakable sequel – which normally should induce groans all around, but seeing as how the point of that movie was to create a darker more human version of the flashy superheroes like Spider-Man, Batman, and Superman, I say go for it, and hope that “The Happening” was only a fluke.

I was intrigued by possibilities offered up at the end of “28 Weeks Later”, and it looks like they’ve found a director to explore those possibilities in “28 Months Later.” I haven’t seen anything this guy’s done, but the trailer for “The Cottage,” which is posted on the same page as the link, looks intriguingly f’ed-up, and it’s been awhile since the trailer for a horror film has made me do a serious double-take.

And Gyllenhall sheds his assless chaps to put on some poofy Aladdin pants in “Prince of Persia,” the movie based on the hit video game. We’ve known for awhile this was coming, but here are some new photos that AICN posted up recently. Looks like Goblet of Fire’s Mike Newell is set to direct as well.


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