Not surprisingly, “Religulous” is ridiculous.

Remember how I posted a post awhile ago about “Religulous” coming out and just knowing somehow that it was going to be a couple of hours of Christian bashing with completely false facts, a refusal to honestly engage the Christian culture, and a snobby attitude way too reminiscent of Dawkins. Here’s a link to a form detailing “facts” in the movie that are patently false.

Arts and Faith Discussion

And please, if you’re going to come in here with that pathetic “you’re Christian so your mind’s already corrupted so I don’t have to listen with you” bull crap, then you can take your close-minded atheist thought elsewhere. In this post I’m interested in honest discussion and would like to hear someone step up to defend Bill Maher and the false claims he makes in this film, and if you think “Religulous” still stands up as a strong film.


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