Nobody ever did anything bad because they were atheists, right?

That’s one of Richard Dawkins’s great claims – we need to eradicate religion because of all the harm it’s done, and we don’t need to worry about anybody doing anything bad because they’re atheists, right? Nobody ever hurt anybody because of their atheistic beliefs, right?

Let me tell you something, Dawkins – I frequent many different blogs and forums around the net, and I find vitriolic and acidic attack after attack against religion and how religious people have a smaller IQ because they believe in religion and how if you’re a theist, or at the very least, heaven forbid, a Christian (and let’s not even get into what will happen if you’re a Republican – but I’m getting off track here), then you automatically have lowered credibility. Sounds like the perfect kind of world you want to construct, huh, Richard Dawkins? No more religion whatsoever, just atheists walking around telling anybody who believes in any kind of God that they’re a dumbass. I have news for your, Mr. Dawkins – obviously atheism can cause just as much division as religion can, and has the potential to, as well – as a major world non-religion, you’re just starting out – think what you could do with 2000 years of oppression! And before any atheists can accuse me of again of lumping all of you into one category – that wasn’t my point with this post – it was to say that obviously harm can be done in the name of atheism or of promoting atheism – and the way atheists promote atheism is to hound on religion, and more often than not Christians in particular.¬† Sounds like you nice guys have got it all figured out and are gonna save us from religion before it kills us all, right? Go right ahead.

Oh yeah, and I thought of another flaw with Dawkins’ book – he says that he does not believe someone’s religion should be protected because it’s a choice – however Dawkins is a naturalist (yet another flaw that a belief in evolution automatically equates naturalism – it doesn’t), which means he doesn’t believe we have anything else here but our bodies, and if that’s true and we have no souls, then we are merely the summation of what our bodies “reacted” to before this present moment in time – so, in actuality, we don’t have a choice in religion, be Dawkins’ own definition.


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