And now for something a little different…

During this past summer, I have come to reaize how much more personal this blog is to me than I initially believed. I thought it was just something that I posted online that related to movies, but it’s become slightly more than that to me, to be honest. Nobody wants to simply read about movies all the time, just some of the time (I think I’m probaby one of the few people who wouldn’t mind reading about movies all the time), so I’m expanding the original intent of this blog into something a little more encompassing – I will no longer simply be talking about movies, but philosophical and anthropological and sociological concepts as related to pop culture, movies, the media, and the like.

It’s my blog, so I can do what I want. Nyah.

And with this introduction of something new I’ve come to a startling revelation that will most likely be greeted by a explosion of “well DUHs!”

Youtube has a feature that tracks the websites that link your video elsewhere, where it’s embeded or where it’s linked to. Sometimes it’s just a site that happens to be linking to youtube. Other times, though, it’s a site that’s more personal, like a blog, or a xanga, if you will.


Somebody apparently really liked my youtube review of Southland Tales. Well, it is my second rated video (yes, more than a thousand views, be very jealous everyone *whisper*sarcasm*whisper*). Anyways, this dude said my review summed up everything beautifully. I’m not trying to be arrogant here (looking back on that review I see a lot of flaws with it, as any writer should looking back on work that’s not published and more than a few months (heck, a few weeks) old), what I’m trying ot say is this is in some sense the first direct impact I’ve felt from my videos on youtube – mostly I was just used to dealing with text comments on youtube, which I don’t often take too seriously, given the context and the ease of use, but when someone links to you on your blog, and they’re not calling you a moron, that means something that didn’t exist even necessarily five years ago. And in some sense, by linking my blog back to his xanga that was linked to my video on youtube that’s linked to this very blog, I’ve completed a digital circle, and in some larger sense, that’s what the digital community is all about.

Good night, ladies and gentlemen, I’m out.


One Response to “And now for something a little different…”

  1. thebubblyterror Says:

    Sweet, philosophy and sociology in regards to the media and such are some of my favorite topics. Will be checking in for such promised awesome posts as this.

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