Spider-Man 4 and 5!

Well, with this new news finally confirmed, my Spidey sense can rest pretty easily once again. Yup, Sam Raimi is going to be directing the new one, and the inimitable Tobey Maguire is back as well. I liked Spider-Man 3 more than most people did, but they could have done better, and with this new one it looks like they’ll only be using one villain (please be the lizard please be the lizard please be the lizard (though the spidey slayeres would be cool – add an entirely different character arc and dimension to an already beloved character), which will greatly ease the great big traffic jam that the third film essentially was. And better yet, the Zodiac screenwriter (my number two favorite of last year), is going to be writing! The script was fantastic (if a little long – too long for a Spidey film, but I’m confident it’ll work out) and developed strong characters and had a tension-filled narrative. I’m hoping this new writer brings Spidey back to his glory days with Doc Ock. And please, in this one MJ and Peter better be either permanently broken up or permanently together – this wiffle-waffel worked in the comic books – but movies forgive repetition a lot less easily.

They’re being filmed concurrently and the date for 4 is set for 2011.


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