An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube

This guy talks all about what I’ve been saying for years – the internet is a hell of a lot more fascinating place than a lot of people give it credit for. Many people view it as a time-waster, a place where you just titter away hours of your day doing basically nothing – fie on these people, I say. It’s some kind of strangely disconnnective/connective postmodern tissue in which our lives inextricably hang.

On a side note, my computer is broken, which is why I have not been keeping up to date on my posting. I’m hoping to start up more soon, though, and I’m planning on getting a new computer before the end of year – a Mac, unfortunately, I have finally capitulated to the establishment, but I figured – why not? My dad knows computers very well, and he says for someone like me, someone who would use the computer mostly for writing and surfing the web, it would work just fine.

Watch the video, it’s fascinating.


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