I’m THIS many!

Yesterday night I saw The Dark Knight, and it’s truly an amazing movie, but I won’t post my review quite yet. I want to give it time to percolate in my head and potentially watch it again (or maybe watch the first one again) before I write the review, but I did want to make a post today and self-indulgently chat with the internet about how I’ve been blogging for a year now.

I guess I’ve been blogging for a few years now – I put up reviews in myspace long before I even thought about starting this blog, and a couple failed blogs include one where I reviewed all the movies in my 200+ collection and one where I wrote several different types of stories. I even had an autobiographical xanga at one point, but eventually I became less and less interested in sharing my overly-dramatic life with the world at large and instead moved my sights to film blogging. I had loved film and writing for a long time, and every time a trailer or some bit of tidbit news had come up, I would have to post it in my xanga. Eventually, as my love for film increased, so did what film references were posted in xanga. I never did too much, because I felt that blog was more about my personal life than it was about my pop culture interests. And then I thought, “Hey, why not create a blog about my pop culture interests?”

And bam – Entertainment and Pop Culturalia was born (that’s why my blog’s url is like it is), a blog that took about a month or so to find its sure footing, and soon after that I expanded and created a youtube account. Thinking that Entertainment and Pop Culturalia was too obscure and gimmicky to appeal to youtubers, I came up with the name Movie Buzz Review Dude, and quickly after that changed this blog’s name.

Now it’s been a full year to the day since I created my first post, traffic has gone down on my site, I don’t post as many tidbits and news (though I may start that up again soon), and my blog has become much more review-centered. I’m sure it will go through a lot of changes in the coming months and years, and I’m hoping an increase in readership will be part of that as well. I’m planning on keeping this blog for a long long time, and I hope you regular readers out there stick with me for just as long.

Thanks for reading!


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