The Day the Earth Stood Still trailer!!!

So, as some of you regular readers may know, one of my favorite actors is Keanu Reeves. Yes, THE Keanu Reeves. Right now is not a time to go into a rant about how he actually is a far better actor than most people give him credit for, but I did want to post this new trailer.

It’s a remake of the Day the Earth Stood Still, starring Keanu as Klaatu. And I gotta say, it looks pretty sweet – this year’s I Am Legend, only hopefully without the ending cheese factor or the horrendous CGI vampires. Keanu Reeves, in the trailer, looks pretty intense, and I’m hoping he gives us a damn good performance – in Constantine and A Scanner Darkly and Street Kings, his three most recent movies, he was good, but nothing compared to his best work, The Devil’s Advocate. And given that this is coming out December 12, who knows? If Keanu does well enough, he could be looking at a nod from old Oscar.

But that’s probably just wishful thinking. Sigh.


One Response to “The Day the Earth Stood Still trailer!!!”

  1. Keanu Defender Says:

    I don’t you but I adore that Keanu is your favorite actor. For that alone, you rock!!!!!!!

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