Silly atheists, tricks are for kids!

Here’s the trailer for Bill Maher’s new movie, Religulous.

We’ll see how insightful this documentary truly is – though I can already hear the liberal stance of the media praising it for being tremendously insightful and every atheist and their mother flocking to the sanctuaries where they will give their sacrifices of praise to its smelly feet. They’re so predictable, it’s not even funny. Oh wait, yes it is.

Whenever I read an atheist website like Richard or something like that, I literally laugh out loud. I’m surprised that the internet is big enough to support the weight of their combined ego. Every single centimeter of atheist sites, atheist videos on youtube, and atheist books positively teem and bubble with self-important, self-assured, bull shit. They honestly think they own the world right now, and all of their talk of religion doing so much harm to society is nothing more than ignorance making its way out of their bodies as they speak through their rear ends.

I’m not against this movie “Religulous” because it looks like it’ll be attacking religion. I’m against it because it looks like it will do it in a characteristically inept manner and be unequivocally praised by atheists, regardless of its faults. For some reason they think they can do no wrong. And the Richard Dawkins “review” of Expelled was just awful – a list of its sins and not one iota of something good about the movie – it even goes out of its way to point out faults that have little to no bearing on the movie as a whole. That’s not a review, that’s a bonafide atheist BS-machine at work.

Am I the only one who finds atheist books and “reviews” hilarious? I consider myself an open-minded Christian – free to answer and retaliate against arguments that say there is no God. And when Religulous comes out I will most definitely go see it so that I can see for myself whether Bill Maher’s movie goes the predictable writes and makes time immemorial attacks on religion or offers some insightful critiiquing of the harms that its proponents have done to society.

And isn’t it interesting how every prominent atheist takes every other prominent atheist’s word as gospel truth? When some prominent agnostic or atheist disagree with the norm, they go out of their way to slander and brand that person as a dissenter and nothing more than a closet theist. Either that, or they pretend this person doesn’t exist. Did anyone see anything about “The Devil’s Delusion” on Nope, didn’t think so. What are atheists so afraid of? Why must they mask their arguments behind foaming-at-the-mouth techniques? You’d have a hard time finding that kind of anger behind prominent theists who defend themselves. Timothy Keller’s book, The Reason for God, starts out with a strong, and vehement imploring of both theists and atheists to calm down and address each other with respect and honesty and not mud-slinging. Richard Dawkins goes out of his way to say no true morality can be found in religion, but when I look at his approach and then Keller’s, I’m inclined to say Keller is a lot more “moral” than Dawkins.

And Richard Dawkins has a fundamental misunderstanding of religion and what it would take to eradicate it.

He claims the only reason he’s so violently anti-religion is because of how much harm he believes it’s done, but how much of an idiot is he if he thinks this kind of technique is ever going to get rid of religion? If, indeed, religious people are so anti-reason as he claims, then wouldn’t calming, soothing, and diplomatic techniques work far better? His techniques are NOT CONVINCING A DAMN SOUL. They’re just antagonizing and needlessly separating people into camps of “reason” and “anti-reason.” And it’s not working. Religion is growing by leaps and bounds all across the world, and it is not in any way diminishing.

Even though his book, The God Delusion, is often quoted by atheists as having changed the world, in reality nothing more has happened except that atheists now have an atheist book that they can claim has changed the world. People who were already solid, staunch atheists are the only ones who think its arguments are convincing – anyone who was a Christian before is most definitely a Christian now. How they can still claim that their book has had any significant impact on the religious belief of the populace in general?

Oh well. I’m still fairly curious about this movie, hoping it will offer some intriguing insight, but knowing Bill Maher, it’s just going to be a pointless, self-important rant.


10 Responses to “Silly atheists, tricks are for kids!”

  1. If atheists are so predictable, then how would you describe religious adherents? Atheists are much more diverse as a group than you seem to think. Showing a fair amount of ignorance there.

  2. I said that the prominent atheists were the predictable ones – I didn’t generalize to every single member of the atheist populace. PZ Meyers, Richard Dawkins, and Christopher Hitchens all share the remarkable ability to carry three times the amount of ego that a normal human head can support. Bill Maher, Penn and Teller, and others of the like also tend to share this. Likewise, most atheist videos you find on youtube (and believe me, I’ve seen lot) don’t take the humble discussion approach but instead merely go on self-important rants.

    Yes, I would be showing a fair amount of ignorance if I claimed every single atheist was alike, because they’re not, but I didn’t claim this. If, in the post, I said “atheists” I meant the general popular atheist population, not every single atheist on the planet.

  3. Wow! I am so convinced by that. Your faith has turned you into such a nice person I do so want to be a christian just like you. NOT.

    There is one serious point I would like to make.

    You say:

    “And Richard Dawkins has a fundamental misunderstanding of religion…..”

    Dawkins knows and understands much more religion than I do and, unfortunately, I know more than has been good for me after eleven years of church schools, sermons and Sunday schools. My experience is typical of most atheists. The believers I have met know very little of other world-views and are not qualified to pontificate on what modern atheism stands for.

  4. 1. And of course I want to be a nice atheist like you, likewise.

    2. Well I’m sorry that Dawkins knows more about religion than you do, that’s unfortunate, but unrelated to this blog.

    3. Once again, I am not a believer you have met, so I’m sorry if your acquaintances were unable to satisfy you in the area of pontification on atheist matters.

  5. John Sutton Says:


  6. “every atheist and their mother flocking to the sanctuaries where they will give their sacrifices of praise to its smelly feet. They’re so predictable, it’s not even funny.”
    – Brandon

  7. “If, in the post, I said “atheists” I meant the general popular atheist population, not every single atheist on the planet.”

  8. Please forgive god for missing your attempt at pack pedaling.;-)

  9. Ever heard of hyperbole? I use it often in my blog, falsely assuming, I suppose, that most people will be able to spot it and know when it’s being used and not take it literally. Somehow I didn’t think “every atheist and their mother” would be taken word for word, but I guess you proved me wrong. 🙂

  10. Even though I am omnipotent it is impossible for me to keep up with this new blogging phenomenon. Furthermore, I have come across many of my fervent followers who take my book literally despite the fact that much of it is allegorical in its original state (not to mention how fubar it has become through the centuries of translations upon translation). Many of these same adherents are certain that ALL atheists, etc. are condemned to an eternity in hell. The type of gross generalization I thought was present in your blog is not necessarily a stretch considering the level of ignorance observed alsewhere.

    It is good to know that Brandon doesn’t need to be straightened out on this issue. I can move on to other matters now that this misunderstanding has been cleared up.

    I’ve been thinking lately that I need to significantly increase my visibility to better clarify my message of peace, love and tolerance.

    P.s. Watch out for that hyperbole. It can get you in to trouble!:-p

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