What’s so great about Obama?

I try not to comment too much about politics in my notes and blogs, because more likely than not it will probably show how ignorant I am on the subject. However, I’ve been looking into this presidential race more recently, and though I have never really supported Obama for President I haven’t actively disliked anything about him. The reason I have never (and still don’t) support him is because all he seems to be running on are the fumes of idealism.

Until recently, I thought that there’s gotta be a reason that so many people love him, so I looked more into him. Glanced around his website, listened to speeches, interviews, and debates on youtube, and what I’ve come away with is surprising: Hillary Clinton is a far, far better candidate for our presidency than Obama.

Yes, I said it. The conservative Republican Bush-loving Brandon thinks that Clinton would fit better in the White House than either Obama OR McCain. I think McCain is a solid guy, but there’s no way a Republican is getting in that building, and so, resigned to this, I have to choose between Clinton and Obama, and my conscience will just not allow me to choose Obama.

Why? The same reason I stated above: the fumes of idealism – Obama has absolutely nothing more going for him than this. His campaign slogan is “Change we can believe in,” a thinly veiled cash-in on how much so many young people in America hate Bush and want him gone.

You know that famous race speech that everyone praised him for? He didn’t write that. All he did was deliver it beautifully – yes, kudos to you, Mr. Obama. But those were some furiously penning damage control campaign writers who wrote that for him. The Reverend Wright helped Obama’s campaign, he didn’t harm it whatsoever. You can bet your ass that when it happened the writers were immensely proud of themselves when everyone showered Obama with praise for how well he handled this “crisis.” You have at least two bloggers (and again, who blogs? Yup – young people) who are telling people to back off of Obama for every blogger that was concerned about it. Yes, I know Clinton has speech writers too, I’m not an idiot. On the campaign trail it would be ludicrous to think that the candidates can write every last one of the speeches themselves. But let’s be careful not to give Barack Obama too much credit.

And what about his policies? Guess what, those aren’t his, either. His policies are created entirely by the people he surrounds himself with, and you know how you can tell? He flounders like a fish out of water every single time he’s in an unscripted interview or a debate. Just watch the democratic debates. Whereas Clinton was able to give most of her answers quick, to the point, with no hopping around, Obama stuttered, muttered “uh” more times than I could count, he stared off into space with blank expressions that would make our incumbent president proud, and he was just so obviously completely ignorant of what he was talking about. You could tell when he was talking about something he knew, though, because all of a sudden ALL of the “uh’s” would be eliminated immediately and he would rush to the ends of his sentences like a high school kid on his last class of the day before he rushes home to get some Sunny D. Of course, Obama would be staring at the purple drink. (Dave Chappelle rip-off, sorry, guys.)

On top of all this, his experience amounts to two years as a Senator, and…um, wait, two years as a Senator, and….um, hold on a second, two years as a Senator, and….oh yeah! Two best-selling books, one of which has the audacity to title itself “the audacity of hope.” Are you frickin kidding me? Can nobody tell that his campaign is not being founded on “change we can believe in” but is instead simply tailor-made to just being manipulative of young people’s extremely powerful hopes and dreams? What’s one thing young people want to do? Change the world! What does Obama promise? Change the world! Well changing the world is all fine and dandy, but in the oval office you’re gonna need to rely on something a little more real-world based and solidly founded, and that’s something that Hillary Clinton has in spades. She knows her policies, through and through, she completely laid Obama to waste in the debates, and her campaign isn’t based on something as shaky as the internet.

I was talking with Andrea the other day, and she pointed out how Obama would not exist without the internet. Would Hillary? You bet your ass she would. I don’t know why so many people call her a bitch/butch woman. Just because she’s smart, hard-nosed, tough, and successful, that automatically qualifies her as a bitch? I mean, do you realize the years of built-up hate that she has to push through, simply for being a strong, tough, successful woman? Our society disgusts me with how much we still expect that woman need to be feminine to not be considered bitchy.

I’m as idealistic as the next guy – okay, maybe not that much, but I understand why so many people flock to Obama – in times like these where it seems we need dramatic overhaul to our presidency we turn to the person who promises the most change, and that’s Obama. We don’t turn to the realistic, hard-nosed, scary-looking Hillary Clinton, because she doesn’t tell us exactly what we want to hear. And isn’t that kind of suspicious about Obama anyways? That no matter WHAT he says, we all follow him around like we’re in the church of Obama? If he tells us to drink this funny tasting Kool-Aid, I think many people would do it. And that kind of unwavering faith in a person should be suspect no matter who you are or where you are. I respect Hillary because I see something more than idealistic dreams – I see the ability to handle this financial and war crisis our nation finds itself in, I see the vision necessary to pull it off, and I also see policies I disagree with.

She’s the one who should be our next president, but since Obama unfortunately won the democratic ticket it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Here’s hoping Clinton joins him on the ticket so at least she can be there with him to effect some kind of change in the White House. Believe me, Obama is going to need it.


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