Carlos Mencia is a talentless hack

So, because, over the course of the past couple weeks, I’ve found myself with little to do on Wednesday nights except flip on the old boob tube, I have had the unfortunate misfortinitude to stumble upon Carlos Mencia’s return to television, “Mind of Mencia,” and after having watched it fairly consistently over the past three or four weeks I have come to the conclusion which you see so subtly stated in the above title.

Every single one of his episodes features Carlos’s signature shameless and tasteless social commentary. Back when he first started stand-up, I actually kind of appreciated him. He spoke about a lot of things that comedians don’t usually speak about, and he wasn’t afraid to say it loud and clear. He had a bold, unabashed personality that wouldn’t back down for nobody, and he earned my vote as at least being more talented and long-lasting than Dane Cook. (er-hem)

Now, years later, he’s denigrated and devolved his personality into a pathetic parody of his popular persona (try saying that ten times fast), to the point where all he is is a screaming Mexican who thinks he’s some kind of racy bastard who is saying these oh-so-horribly-politically-incorrect things. Basically every show begins with Carlos asking the audience, in a brief bit of stand-up, “Oh, are we still on? We’re not cancelled yet?”

Now, for those of you who read this blog regularly, you know I am not a person who is easily offended. I consider myself to have a broad range of tastes, and South Park, largely considered one of the most offensive shows of all time, is my number two favorite TV show (after The Office). I absolutely loved Borat, too, so if any of you out there are thinking, “You just hate Mencia because he’s saying politically incorrect, offensive things,” well, hopefully these above criteria will dissuade you from that notion.

Nope, what bothers me about Mencia is not that he’s saying offensive things, and it’s more than his self-obsessed personality (ever since his original persona rocketed him to stardom, he’s taken that to mean that people want more of the political incorrectness and so he’s jacked himself up to near-insanity – watch the newest incarnation of his show and you’ll see what I mean). What bothers me is this – NONE OF WHAT HE SAYS IS FUNNY. It’s not even THAT offensive, or even particularly clever.

On one show he set up a kids’s puppet show on stage, only the kids’s show took place in Iraq and featured a kid doll with no arms and no legs. And you know what followed? Nope, not some hilarious, spot-on political commentary, but some of the dumbest, most obvious jokes that I had ever heard uttered on stage. Every single joke was flat, predictable, not really very offensive, and pointlessly dull. As I was watching a different episode tonight I recited to myself the punchlines of the jokes, and nailed nearly every single one of them. This isn’t comedy – because it’s trying it’s hardest to be as offensive as possible, then you automatically know how far the jokes are going to go, and the shock value is completely removed. With shows like, for example, South Park, you never know how far they’re going to go (even some episodes where the creators specifically structure it to make you believe it’s predictable they’ll often overturn it with something absurd or inane – these are two media giants who will never let anyone know what they’re thinking), and when they do, there’s a message to them, a point.

That’s what made Carlos good beforehand – he was making comedy about issues that he knew needed addressing, about issues that mattered, now all he does is try to be offensive as possible, and proceeding to  tacking on some sentimental “message” BS that is nothing more than a thinly-veiled attempt to justify the pointless crudity that came beforehand.

The show is unfunny, boring, dull, tedious, annoying, and little more than self-important BS. And I’ve barely grazed the surface of Carlos’s personality. I mentioned it slightly already, but it deserves to be looked at more. This is the kind of tripe that can happen when fame goes to a person’s head. Carlos Mencia, in his old bits, wasn’t exactly the personification of “bearable,” but he wasn’t this bad. In every single joke that he makes he throws all of the anger, outrage, and bitterness he can muster, as if he is screaming out, “SEE HOW POLITICALLY INCORRECT I’M BEING?! I’M F***ING AWESOME!!” He’s constantly giggling at his own jokes, he’s always hamming it up and pausing after a joke so that the audience can utter a shocked “oooh!” and then yelling at them for being shocked when in fact that’s exactly what he wanted them to be, even though he never really said anything that shocking.

At one point in another skit, he walks into a room that apparently smells like urine and says to the inhabitants, “Man, it smells like R. Kelly’s bedroom in here!”

Well, aside from being a couple of years too late, he took the completely obvious route, he gave a dunderheaded delivery, and worst of all, he thought it was the funniest thing ever!

That is the worst thing about the show – Carlos has such a high opinion of how wonderfully out-of-the-box he is, when shows like Family Guy, South Park, and The Simpsons beat him to punch without even trying! Every week he jokes about being cancelled, and every week he’s not, because there’s nothing worth cancelling!

Wait, strike that. Reverse it. Yeah, there’s something worth cancelling here. But not for the reason that Carlos thinks. This show is worse than Lewis Black’s “The Root of All Evil,” and all you regular readers will remember how much I despise that series.


3 Responses to “Carlos Mencia is a talentless hack”

  1. As a standup myself, I only have one thing to say. The most offensive thing about Menstealia is that he has the balls to steal jokes from hard working comics and then deny doing so. Comedy is hard, but that is why it is so satisfying when a joke works. All of the hours spent crafting material pays off. But not for Menstealia because there is no work involved. He sits in the back of a club and steals all of his.

  2. CommonSense Joe Says:

    Fn lying crybabies. Go whine more when you have someone more succesful and funnier than you somewhere else pricks.

  3. LeaveMeOutofIt Says:

    Nope, it’s well documented. Mencia steals. I don’t know how anyone with a brain or any integrity can defend him.

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