Reviews, Trailers, and a Harry Potter Prequel!

Here’s the links to my last two stories in the Falcon.

Shultzy’s Sausage Reviews

“Meet Bill” Review

A bittersweet day when I wrote these; relief that they signified that I would soon be done with college, but also a sadness that I would be leaving the paper. I’ve worked at the Falcon for four quarters, and it’s been a blast all along, even when I’ve been working on articles that don’t motivate me too much. I met some really cool people, had the opportunity to take a class doing what I absolutely loved, and just really had a full-on blast. I could share my reviews and my thoughts with readership that wasn’t solely limited to this blog (and the Falcon is probably one of the main reasons I’ve found consistent motivation to be able to do this for so long). I was able to meet cool people, and combine my two greatest passions in this life: movies and writing. Now that it’s over I still plan on regularly updating this blog, and in light of that, here’s a couple of trailers that I’ve found interesting (and not so interesting) lately…

Step Brothers
The last few trailers for this film gave me some chuckles here and there, but on the whole, after Will Ferrell’s disappointing Semi-Pro I wasn’t really looking forward to it. It looked like forced awkwardness up the ying-yang, and I wasn’t ready for it. However, it is directed by Adam McKay (who co-started Funny or Die with Will Ferrell a couple years back), and he did do both Anchorman and Talladega Nights, and though not very many people liked Talladega Nights as a whole, I enjoyed it, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that this R-rating will give Adam McKay free reign to be as funny as he can be.

The Mummy 3
So I hate to admit it, but this trailer has doubled my excitement for this third movie. I wasn’t as big a fan of the second as I was of the first, but this trailer actually looks pretty kick-ass. I’m sad that Rachel Weisz isn’t back, but Maria Bello is a damn fine actress and I’m confident her abilities will be suited to the role. In any case, despite the fact that both Mummy movies received pretty bad reviews, I always enjoyed them. This trailer looks to up the action up ten thousand notches – looks like they’re goin’ all over the world, with no-holds barred fun. I mean, in a movie series that has been prime summer blockbusters in the past, though it has never been technically quality, it has always managed to be a rather fun ride. And when all you’re going for is a fun ride, there’s no reason not to make as kick-ass a picture as possible. My only reservation is that the director is Rob Cohen – yes, the Rob Cohen who directed the box-office bomb and universally despised film “Stealth.” I finally saw Stealth – only part of it, but it really is as God-awful as everyone says – don’t go anywhere near it. Michael Bay worthy, actually. So what else has he directed? Hmmm…..xXx, The Fast and the Furious, The Skulls….blech. He did do Dragonheart, though, which I also rather enjoyed. So The Mummy 3 could be either really fun or so stupid that it sucks all the fun out. Jet Li is in it, which is pretty cool, and it’s one of the few summer movies that I’m fairly excited about. We shall see.

And now for the news of the hour…..a Harry Potter prequel!?!
Alas, the news is not as exciting as it sounds. Merely 800 words, and only for a charity auction. Yeesh, how long is she gonna keep tempting us with more writing? First it was Tales of Beedle the Bard and now this? On the other hand, I am kind of relieved that she hasn’t sold out – she’s just writing for charity, not for personal gain at all, and she’s keeping her word about not going back to the Potter world. Regardless, she really needs to write another novel before I go bonkers. I know Harry Potter 7 only barely came out a year ago, but when your first novels are as fantastic as the Harry Potter series was, and you have the whole world practically holding their breath for you to come out with your next novel, it’s not polite to keep the public waiting.

Peace out.

Oh yeah, and my review of Indy 4 should be up soon.


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