The apocalypse has arrived…

Yeah, you heard right. Jimmy Fallon has been officially signed to take Conan’s spot when he leaves for the Tonight Show. Regular readers of this blog (insert self-deprecating joke here about how many thousands of readers I have) will remember that I posted awhile back how it was a rumor. Well, the dealio has been signed, folks, and it don’t look like it’s gonna change. Ah well, who knows? Maybe Jimmy will prove us all wrong – Conan got all kinds of flack when he first started his hosting gig about fifteen years ago, so we’ll see how it goes.

And apparently Jay is going to be a free agent once this is all said and done with. I’ll keep y’all posted if I hear anything else. Yes, I know this particular news item is nearly a month late, but meh, if you’re reading this blog, you’re not much concerned with pressing news, although I do get the jump on some early projects occasionally.

I’ll be seeing the new Indiana Jones movies tonight and posting a review sometime next week, as well. Stay tuned.


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