The Zodiac writer strikes again….

Here’s some dandily fine news.

For all you regular readers out there (and I know my regular readers must number somewhere in the upper hundreds), you’ll remember that Zodiac was my second favorite movie last year. Even though Ratatouille was my first, I’ll have to say that Zodiac probably had a better script – despite its length, it managed to be chilling, scary, tightly written and delicately paced, with a solid shot of wow factor.

This news makes me really happy. Yup. Zodiac’s script-writer has just turned in a script for Spider-Man 4 and Spider-Man 5 to Sony Studios. I’m really excited to see how it’ll turn out – I have confidence in his abilities, especially when Sam Raimi is still possibly open to direct.

In other fun movie news, Tropic Thunder how has a redband trailer out. Am I the only one who notices that the credits say “Stiller Black Downey Jr.” and that Downey Jr. plays an actor who plays a black man? I wonder if they did it on purpose. I’m really excited for this movie – Zoolander did an excellent job parodying the really really ridiculously good-looking model world in it, and it showed some serious directing chops from Stiller. With him directing this new project it will be at least……three times this big! Oh, and cool, Steve Coogan is in it! I love him – even when he’s in mediocre project he keeps his tongue perfectly in cheek – sounds like the perfect guy for this movie.

And I was gonna post a link to the new Mummy 3 trailer but it looks like the link is down, so I’ll save my thoughts and comments for another day.


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