The X-Files trailer!!!

After a rather unacceptable long wait, Chris Carter has finally seen fit to give us the new X-Files trailer!!! I never watched the series through to the end – though the episodes that I have seen I have always loved. Carter was such a genius with that show – and he created a modern mythology and a world that has not been topped since. The original film was a blockbuster success of a film that wonderfully tied in the threads of the series and pointed in exciting new directions for the show.

This one, however, is supposedly a stand-alone story. A “good suspense action thriller” as Carter himself puts it. I have confidence in Carter, but half this trailer looks like pathetic action cheese crap and half looks chillingly good – and when they played that original theme – ooooh boy I got goosebumps.

Will it be good? I want to believe it will…


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