Mario Galaxy? Psh. Give me Sonic Xtreme any day.

Ten years before the mustachioed plumber wowed the pants off video gamers everywhere with his high-flying multi-galaxial game, Sonic was far ahead as usual, laughing his ass off because while Mario was wasting his time collecting the same coins in the same castles over and over again, Sonic had dashed far ahead was was way ahead of his time.

Here’s the article, as well as some early pitch videos.

And just for the hell of it, an old school Sonic level – Ice Cap Zone. 🙂

I suppose this isn’t news to many of Sonic’s die-hard fans, but I thought I’d post something on it anyways. Apparently back in the mid-90’s Sonic Team was working on a next-gen title that was gonna take Sonic into entirely new territory. If you watch those videos, you’ll notice something very similar between Sonic Team and Mario Galaxy – yeah, that’s right, the same planetary-kinds of models. The same massive and detailed colorful environments to explore. And remember, all of the above are from uncompleted models of the game. Imagine how a finished game would have looked. That, and the music as actually still really really good, vintage Sonic with just the tiniest hint of new.

Reading the story, it’s really sad how plain old bureaucracy and video gaming politics killed the once great Hedgehog. I mean, look at those videos. Those are amazingly fantastic for their time, and not only that, but way ahead of everything. People simply weren’t thinking like that back then, but Sonic Team was, and as changed as Sonic Team is since then, this puts more strength in my faith that Sonic Unleashed will be a fantastic game.

It also only makes me love Sonic that much more. Long before Mario looked to the stars, Sonic was already up there, smiling and collecting rings and invincibility stars and kicking Robotnik’s (NOT Eggman, dammit) ass. When Mario finally got up there Sonic was long gone, and here’s hoping that Sonic Unleashed is where he’s been while all these travesty games in his great name have come out.

Gah, just LOOK at those videos! Look how amazing they look, and even more impressively, the graphics kick Mario 64’s ass. No wonder Sonic Team sucks now – this massive fumble only shows how much their poor politics made them stick their own feet up their butts. Ah well. You can’t have it all….:-(


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