Someone should expel these reviewers

Here you go. It’s the reviews for Ben Stein’s new movie, and they’re absolutely horrid. But here’s what I find interesting. Remember a little movie called Fahrenheit 9/11? Remember how it liberally distorted facts, used war victims for its own purposes, and showed a pompous parading jackass as the center of it all claiming he was making a fair and balanced documentary? It received something like 89% on rottentomatoes, something which it really did not deserve.

So far, all the mini-blurbs that rottentomatoes has about Expelled could easily be lifted up and stuck onto Fahrenheit 9/11. Isn’t it interesting how when a liberal movie attacks authority, everyone finds it groundbreaking, controversial, and wonderful, but when a conservative movie does the same, people find it close-minded and manipulative. Admittedly, I haven’t seen Expelled (I am planning on it, though), so I can’t fully speak to that, but I’m betting I’ll like it a whole lot more than most of the liberal media will.

I just hate how double standards so glaringly appear when movies with clear biases one way or the other pop up. Right now, if any documentary popped up defending the war in Iraq, no matter how balanced and fair it aimed to be, or maybe how satirical it was of movies attacking the war in Iraq (and as I understand it the format of Stein’s movie is intended as a Satire against Michael Moore “documentaries”), critics would still pan it no matter what. It’s stupid. When I end up being a movie reviewer, I’m not going to let my political bias get in the way of my reviewing things. If Expelled is indeed poorly made I’ll freely admit that, regardless of my conservative ties.

Anyways, that’s about it for now. Later, all.


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