It’s about time! New Hulk trailer!

While most movies coming out this summer debuted their trailers months and months ago, the new Edward Norton project, The Incredible Hulk, has been silent. But no longer. This new trailer, I must admit, looks pretty freakin sweet. It won’t have any of the introspection or deep psychological meaning of the first film, which I think I’m one of the few to truly appreciate and actually enjoy, but some kick ass action is always good. And I love Edward Norton as an actor. I think he’ll really help to make this film a better one. The special effects look pretty dang fantastic, but I’m worried because though the trailer is action-packed, it looks like not much Hulk action will take place until the end. Of course, the filmmakers have assured the public that they are packing a hell of a lot of action into this flick, so I’m going to do what I always do; cross my fingers and hope for the best. Here’s the new, more veiny, Hulk!


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