Lewis Black is the root of all evil

So I’m watching the series premiere of “Lewis Black’s The Root of All Evil” and I’m pretty disappointed so far. It’s just shock comedy, and unoriginal shock comedy at that. He has a beef with the Catholic church and Oprah and two fake “lawyers” on the show are trying to persuade him in a fake court setting which one is worse.  It’s not very funny. What is funny, though, is watching the audience. They have some good quality canned laughter on the show, but a live studio audience. And for the most part, when you hear laughter, it’s not the audience, because in the shots that show the audience during the canned laughter, they’re not laughing half as hard, or even a quarter, as the laugh track wants us to believe they are. I predict the show will be off in a few weeks due to lack of, well, being good.

And I saw the new South Park. It was really funny, as always, but it seemed kind of forcefully funny and more unoriginal than they usually are. I still laughed a lot, though.

Ah well. I have homework. I shall get back to it. Finals week is this week.

And on another note, I purchased Super Smash Brothers Brawl on Saturday night and it is absolutely amazing. I will post a more in-depth analysis later, but most likely it will be published in the Falcon newspaper, so I’ll notify you when that happens. Later, all.


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