Step Up 2 This Trailer…

Break it down.

Finally, a dance movie that will actually do justice to how awesome the form of urban hip-hop dance is both an excellent expression and a nicely evolved form of art. Too many times “classic-lovers” diss on that kind of dance and laugh at it because it’s relatively new, but when you’re actually familiar with the world, there’s a unique kind of beauty to it that can’t be found anywhere else. So far dance movies like You Got Served, Stomp the Yard, and Step Up have all been mediocre attempts to showcase this talent. The dance sequences are more often than not (save for the terribly unimpressive Step Up – I could have been featured in that movie, and I’m not that great of a dancer) visually impressive and stunning, but the character are nothing more than cardboard cutouts. With this new documentary, it looks like that could change. I’m really looking forward to this.

On another note…

Sorry if I haven’t posted in a while, guys. I’ve seen a couple of movies. I saw Jumper, which was just semi-okay. I also saw Vantage point, and that review can be accessed here. I also saw Semi-Pro. You can find that one here. Those are all the reviews that I write for my student newspaper, the Falcon. Most of the big May movies, like Indiana Jones, Iron Man, and Prince Caspian, I’ll be covering for the Falcon, so I won’t be posting those reviews here. However, I did see Jumper just for myself, and yet I still didn’t post the review. Graduation has been looming over my head like an ugly thing that looms (hey you, stop looming already!), and I haven’t found the time, energy, or will to write many reviews. Come spring quarter and summer, though, I should be back in the mix. Later, all.


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