My Analysis of the Lost Season Premiere (Spoilers!)

Okay, normally I’m not a big TV freak, I’m more of a movie guy. But I still do enjoy the good shows, and Lost is one of them. Personally, I’m more of a Heroes guy, because I guess I think it is less based on surprises and “oh!” moments and more on character development and the integration of comic book mythology into the real world. But Lost is a close second (of course, The Office trumps both of them effortlessly), and in the spirit of that, here’s my analysis of the episode that transpired last week.

Lost Season 4 Premiere

Basically, I think I can sum it up like this:”Haha yay we’re all getting off the island, woohoo! Oh crap. Dang it. Guess we’re not.”

So, yeah, I was kind of disappointed, so let’s go into detail on why. First of all, um, I’m not sure anything of significance happened. They had a couple of random flashforwards of Hugo talking with the ghost of Charlie. People argued a lot. They separated into two groups. Then at the end a dude dropped from a helicopter. Even the climactic ending was anti-climactic. The last five minutes were very fascinating and actually told us something about the characters and the action, but everything that came before that seemed to drag itself on. I suppose a lot of what was shown will probably become important in later seasons, but it still dragged.

The characters are all themselves still. Hugo’s getting some dark personality, which I liked, but the rest of them are the exact same. Kate just stands side with an astonished and horrified look on her face the entire episode; Jack looks consistently pissed off at Ben; Ben is the same old jerk he’s always been, and Sawyer is back to being the flip-floppity character he’s always been. At one point he completely breaks out of character in a tender sappy moment that I could hardly believe.

But the worst part about the episode? The melodrama. The horrible horrible dialogue. This episode felt like a soap opera. Slow, insistent close-ups on people’s faces. Dramatic music overlaying practically the whole thing. There was one scene where Hugo does a cannonball for the pure joy of it, and he actually runs toward the water in slow motion with sappy music playing. I had a hard time figuring out whether they intended that to be funny or not. The worst line of the episode, though, was when Sawyer said to Kate, “What I’ve always done, Kate. Survivin.” Spoken like a true wavery character. Every person seemed so completely invested in their role, as if they were acting to compensate for the lack of episodes this season (only 8, I believe.)

So, yeah, it’s good to have Lost back, and I can’t negate that feeling of nostalgia that washed over me as I watched it. But there’s nothing to live up to the big reveal at the end of last season, or even the beginning of last season, where we saw the Others’ camp and TWO islands. Both those episodes were incredible, taking what we thought we knew and ripping it apart. Only two significant things happened in this episode: They separated into two groups, and somebody finally dropped from the sky at the end.

Disappointing. This episode could easy have been about half an hour shorter and conveyed just as much without all the pointless melodrama. I give it a C. Here’s hoping that the last five minutes are a sign of how good the next episodes are gonna be.


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