More Thoughts on that Oscar Dude

Okay, so now that I’ve caught up with all my old reviews and I’ve also had time to think about the Oscar nominee choices this year, I’ve come up with some more complaints, yay! Gotta love that. So, here are my gripes, in no particular order. Oh, and for the curious, here are the nominees.

There were so many good actors this year, that it’s difficult to say who should be bumped, so I’m not gonna name names (er-hem, Viggo), but I definitely think John Hurt in “Beyond the Gates”, Chris Cooper in “Breach,” and Emile Hirsch in “Into the Wild” were heinously overlooked. Will Smith in “I Am Legend” I think did a better job than Johnny Depp, and in the end you know Depp is going to win because he’s been nominated three times in the past four years (including this one) and hasn’t yet won, so the Academy is clearly favoring him. Of all of them, though, I’d say Daniel Day-Lewis probably deserves it the most, although it’s debatable with Clooney, as Clooney portrays a more real characters and Day-Lewis’s is mostly just pure evil. Aside from all of the above, too, I think it’s criminal that Christian Bale was overlooked for his role as Dietrich Dengler in Rescue Dawn. He played a character he never had before, and he did it believably and rivetingly.

Best supporting actor category was okay. Hal Holbrook will probably win, though I’m not sure if he should. Casey Affleck should win, though I did not see Charlie Wilson’s War. I don’t think Tom Wilkinson should win, his performance was almost too purposefully intense for me.

The songs were the absolute worst category. Hairspray was given a gigantic middle finger, as “You Can’t Stop the Beat”, “You’re Timeless to Me,” and “Good Morning, Baltimore” were all good contenders, Once was almost raped by only having only one of their fantastically awesome songs chosen that could slaughter Enchanted’s in an Uwe Boll-like match-up, including “When You’re Mind’s Made Up,” while the terribly drab and derivative “Happy Working Song” from enchanted got nominated, as well as the competent but too typical “So Close.” Come on, I know Enchanted was good, but not this good. These are no “Aladdin” or “Beauty and the Beast.”

“Into the Wild” should have been nominated for cinematography, and Atonement dropped. Yes, Atonement was very good, but not as good as “Into the Wild.”

We’ve already talked about the heinous tragedy that was the foreign language category. Persepolis would have been a shoo-in in it. I saw “The Orphanage”, and it deserved a spot on there. I still need to see 4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days.

And finally, best picture. Ratatouille totally deserved a spot on that list; I’m gonna say it loud and clear. Back off, Atonement. And Michael Clayton was good but I didn’t identify with its characters that much so I don’t know if it deserves a place on the list.

That’s it, done with my griping (at least for now.)

Keep your eye out for a Michael Clayton review and an Orphanage review coming soon, and then finally my best of 2007 list!


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