Heath Ledger was No Druggie

I gotta get something off my chest. Someone said something earlier tonight that really really bothered me because it was characteristically obtuse and close-minded.

Whenever a major star in Hollywood dies at a young age, the first suspect is always, always drugs. And suicide usually follows in at a close second, if not being part of the first. I’ll admit it – when I first heard that Heath Ledger had died that was one of my first suspicions.

But to do this is unfair to the memory of those people. Just because they were part of the Hollywood culture does not mean that they took part in everything Hollywood. That’s like saying that everyone at SPU doesn’t drink, or doesn’t do drugs, or doesn’t have sex. It may be the norm for none of those things to happen, but it would be downright idiotic to claim that everybody abides by those rules.

Earlier today at a meeting which I was attending somebody said something about Ledger’s death being linked to drugs, which I found was a pretty obtuse thing to say. I mean, if they had even done any research on it, they would know the following:


Yup, that’s right. An accidental overdose of sleeping pills. Oh my gosh boy what a druggie life that Ledger had. I’m so glad we live at SPU where sleeping pills aren’t a danger. Give me a break. If you look at imdb, you’ll also find a quote from an interview with Jack Nicholson, who warned Heath about taking on the role of the Joker, as it was one that nearly killed Nicholson, literally. Heath did, though, and he was taking sleeping pills to deal with the leftover exhaustion in a desperate attempt to catch up on sleep.

Sure, the results are inconclusive, and the autopsy report isn’t due back for another ten days, but can we all give Ledger a break? Before making mindless accusations at this departed soul, let’s stop and think for a minute and actually do some research. He deserves more respect than he’s getting, and let this be a warning to all of us in the future that we shouldn’t judge someone based solely on the group of which they are a part.

That’s all. Heath Ledger’s daughter and his family have my prayers, and Heath, wherever you are, you do too.


One Response to “Heath Ledger was No Druggie”

  1. I tried to say in music what I couldn’t put into words. Sadly missed. God Bless.


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