And the nominees are…

Every year I become more and more disappointed in the Academy. The quality is gone. Everybody knows that it’s now nothing more than a popularity contest, and this year is no exception. Here’s the link to the Academy’s 80th Awards page.

So let’s talk, shall we? First of all, shame shame shame on you for ignoring Angelina Jolie in A Mighty Heart. She was devastating in that film. Cate Blanchett could have been bumped – didn’t we see the exact same performance in the first Elizabeth? Ellen Page was probably just a popularity nom, but I’ll let it slide.

I mostly agree with the best actor category – though I think Casey Affleck deserved serious consideration for Gone Baby Gone.  Although, this was a great year for actors, so someone had to be bumped. I like the nom list as it is.

I have to applaud the Academy for giving a nom to Casey Affleck for Assassination. He was a superbly fantastic actor in that film, impressed me more than anyone else this year. I really wasn’t expecting them to recognize that smallish film. I haven’t seen Hoffman, Holbrook, or Wilkinson,  so I can’t speak to them, though, but though Javier Bardem was good, Affleck was a far more complete character, so I definitely think he should get it.

I’m pretty much okay with the best supporting actresses category.

As for the animated films, pretty much what I was expecting, though I’m glad Beowulf wasn’t nominated. Ratatouille will probably win due to popularity, though it’s hard for me to pick who deserves it more, it or Persepolis, which I absolutely loved.

The foreign language category is the most egregious error, with Persepolis, 4 Months…, and The Orphanage, all of which received incredibly good critical reception, have been completely ignored (though Persepolis thankfully did get a best animated film nod).

Visual effects are a toss-up. Transformers will probably win, it did have the best. The Golden Compass better not win; those effects were too boring and unimaginative to in any awards. At World’s End was great, but Transformers will probably take the cake. However, Sunshine was snubbed, simply because it wasn’t a big hit with audiences (neither was the Golden Compass, but that came out more recently and had a self-renewing marketing campaign called controversy), which is a big shame. Its effects were far better than Golden Compass’s.

Songs were too heavy in Enchanted’s favor – Once deserved a nod for at least two of their songs.

Best picture nods were almost verbatim what was expected, but what sucks is that now that animation has its own category, never again will an animated film get a nod for best picture, even though it may deserve it, which Ratatouille certainly did. Zodiac was given a royal middle finger – the usual “f u” that the academy gives to any film released before February, even though Zodiac made it to many critics’ top ten list.

So, yeah, way to go Academy. Another year, another waste of truly great films down the drain.


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