Mesa back!

Hello, everyone. It has been far too long since I have posted, and with my best of 2007 list looming on the horizon, I figured I’d start writing again. First of all, the most depressing news since I’ve been gone is that they’ve delayed Super Smash Brothers Brawl AGAIN. It’s now coming out March 9th, sigh. Well, a month isn’t as bad as the three I would have had to wait for before. But if this game doesn’t rock every kind of world I have, I will be very disappointed.

And here’s another very interesting piece of news. Personally, I would not give the Potter franchise to Spielberg. It’s not his thing. The dream team to direct a two-part Deathly Hallows would be Guillermo del Toro and Alfonso Cuaron. I think I would die and go to heaven if that happened. In a good way. That would be the perfect people. Leave us alone, David Yates. Go away. Half-Blood Prince better be good, or else…Of course, they were talking about making a two parter goblet of fire, and that never happened. So who knows. This could be just hearsay.


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