A Random Rant about DVDs

So check this out. It’s been pissing me off that a year after Cars’s DVD release, and still no plans for a 2-disc special edition DVD. The same with Ratatouille, a film that was an absolute mega-hit with critics yet upon its DVD release featured a veritable bare bones of extras. Why?

Friggin Blu-Ray. Disney is now in love with Blu-Ray so much that they have no plans to release a 2-disc DVD of either Ratatouille or Cars, or any of their future releases, until two or three years after the flick hits shelves. Now, I know DVD needs to be phased out, but this is just plain rude. I mean, they’re even planning on charging a high amount for the latecomers to the shelves.  Seriously? I’m all about the two-disc special edition, and now that Blu-Ray is finally starting to contain good special features, it seems Disney is set on permanently phasing out DVDs.

Sigh. The day had to come. Unfortunately, it’s coming when I can’t yet afford a Blu-Ray player or an HDTV. And the other bad thing about it is that if you get a Blu-Ray Disc,  you can’t really loan it out to anybody or take it anywhere, because those players aren’t widespread enough yet. Ah well…hello, future. Great. Now I feel like an old fart leaning on his cane and lamenting the by-gone days when DVD was king…

My only other quibble is that they still don’t have a unified format. Blu-Ray and HD DVD are still fiercely competing, so right now it isn’t even really worth it to get a player because if one wins, and you’re stuck with the loser, well, you’re screwed. At first it looked like Blu-Ray was the clear leader – I mean, it was outselling HD DVD three to one, but Spielberg proudly endorses HD DVD, and he has so much clout he can demand that all his producing and directing gigs be placed on that format, regardless of content.

But hey, I was planning on getting a PS3 sooner or later, and that’s only 400 bucks as opposed to the eight or so one thousand for a normal player. They do have a combo player, but in three years we’ll have a clear winner and that will have been a pointless waste of money. Sigh.

Bye, DVD.


2 Responses to “A Random Rant about DVDs”

  1. Buckle your seatbelt. Disney is known for selling a title for a few years, then locking it up in a vault for 10 years before re-releasing it.

  2. Yeah, that is lame of them, but I don’t care about that as much because as long as I get the 2-disc before they lock it up, I’m good.

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