“Live long and prosper.” – Spock

Holy crap – this picture is freaky. If I had any reservations at all before about Quinto playing Spock, then they have just vanished with that picture, the first one to ever be released of Quinto as young Spock with the bowl cut, upped eyebrows, and pointy ears. If I didn’t know it was Quinto, I could be fooled into thinking it was a young Leonard Nimoy. Excellent choice, Abrams. EXCELLENT.

And also, a two-minute trailer of Jackie and Jet’s The Forbidden Kingdom can be seen right here if you simply click on the link. I think my heart actually stopped for a second when I saw both Chan and Li onscreen together for the first time in my over ten year history of being a martial arts fan and Chan fan in particular. One thing I am apprehensive about is that it seems there’s a lot of “floating on water” and “flying” types of martial arts, which I don’t think really suits Chan – he tried it in The Medallion and failed miserably. But I will try to have faith that their combined star power can carry this vehicle effectively. Goooooo Jackie and Jet!!!!!!!!!


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