Star Trek cast list and my thoughts! (Part 2)

 Well, as promised, here is the remainder of my analysis of the Star Trek casting choices! When I get the chance I will compile them all and place them on a note on facebook and a video on youtube.

Commander Montgomery “Scotty” Scott
Simon Pegg is second only to Zachary Quinto in how much I approve of Abrams’s choice on this. The guy has proven he is a genius at balancing clever and witty comedy and true heartfelt societal commentary, as he proved with both Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Whether “Run, Fat Boy, Run”, directed by David Schwimmer, will be an effective showcase for his talent remains to be seen, but my money’s on Simon Pegg being basically the only real choice for the role.

Commander Uhura
Zoe Saldana doesn’t inspire the greatest of confidences in me. She hasn’t been in anything remarkable, and was even the abysmal (though forgivably so) “Guess Who.” But, in that movie, she kind of impressed me. She shot over the head of Ashton Kutcher, and almost outshone Bernie Mac himself. And she shows all the traits of a rising star. She’s in what is undboutedly the second biggest project of 2008 (Indiana Jones 4 of course being first), and she’s in that new superstar thriller Vantage Point, whose trailer has critics everywhere salivating. So, Zoe, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. In any case, you inspire more confidence than Chris Pine. And let’s face it, Uhura’s shoes are not that big to fill.

 Hikaru Sulu 
John Cho is probably my third favorite choice on this list, next to Zachary Quinto and Simon Pegg. He’s an actor with some serious caliber, and I loved him infinitely more than the annoying Kal Penn in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. And he was in the above average In Good Company, which really floored me with how honest and real it was, and the critical favorite American Beauty. Sure, he’s had some not so good history, but he’ just so darn likable, and from the above picture, I have the feeling that he can just simply be Sulu easily. You have my approval, John Cho.

Pavel Chekov
These two just simply look so blasted alike, they’re almost more suited in terms of look than Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy. He’s probably the least experienced of all the actors that Abrams put together, but maybe that’s good for the role of Chekov. However, he also looks a bit too much like a combination of Frankie Muniz and Elijah Wood. I love Wood, but Muniz has always been way too childish in a “look at me” kind of way that I abhor. He hasn’t been in anything that I’ve seen (but I want to see Alpha Dog), so of all the cast list, Yelchin is the one that I’m like, “I really have no idea where this could go.” So I’m raising my glass in a hopeful toast to this particular member of the cast. Don’t screw this up, Yelchin.

Eric Bana/Nero

And finally, Eric Bana. I’m not sure what Abrams is trying to do. Of course, Nero isn’t that well known of a villain. (After all, this film will all take place before the first episode of the original Trek series.) So I can’t really judge. He’s a decent guy. He was good in Hulk, impressive in Troy, excellent in Munich and decent in Black Hawk Down. He’s a very solid actor, but I’m not yet sure of his capacity to play a villain. Sometimes actors in their first outings as villains go way too over the top with it, so I hope he doesn’t make that mistake and make it into cheese. Good luck, Eric.

So, these are my favorite casting choices, in this order.
Zachary Quinto as Spock
Simon Pegg as Scotty
John Cho as Sulu
Eric Bana as Nero
Zoe Saldana as Uhura
Anton Yelchin as Chekov
Chris Pine as Captain Kirk
Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy

It makes me nervous that the two main characters, aside from Spock, are my least favorite casting choices. I really have no clue what Abrams is expecting to do with those choices, but I wish him the best. He knows more about Hollywood than I do, so here’s to you, Abrams, having the guts to choose who you believe is right for the role. What I like is that he has samplings all the way down the line, from superstar Eric Bana as Nero, to inreasingly famous baddie Sylar Quinto, through lesser known stars like Urban and Pegg, and all the way down to practical unknowns like Saldana and Yelchin. He’s assembling a wide variety of people, so I’m hoping he’s got something fantastic up his sleeve. Too bad we’ll have to wait a whole nother year before we get it, though. 😦 Oh well. I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.


4 Responses to “Star Trek cast list and my thoughts! (Part 2)”

  1. Re Eric Bana and “I’m not yet sure of his capacity to play a villain” : you’ve obviously not seen “Chopper”, where he plays a real life villain brilliantly. This is probably his best role to date, in fact.

  2. Interesting. I was unaware of that. Well in that case, I’m glad he has some history to back it up.

  3. Who the heck is Chris Pine?

    You didn’t give a name for the Chekov actor.

    Who will play Janice Rand and the nurse whose name I can’t remember?

    Most importantly, they need Khan!

  4. Anton Yelchin is Chekov – sorry about that. Chris Pine was in Just My Luck and The Princess Diaries 2. I know, it’s a random choice, but I have full confidence in his abilities as a director, especially since he did wonderfully on M:i:III.

    I don’t know who will play Janice Rand.

    Kahn can’t come back – the crew of the Enterprise didn’t meet him until they were in space, and remember, he’s from the early 21st century as part of the eugenics experiment. And whatever they do, after “Enterprise” mutilated all the previous Star Trek history and antagonized so many fans, I have a feeling they’ll be very careful with getting this Trek’s history right.

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