Star Trek Cast List and My Thoughts! (Part One)

The cast is in and it is set (pretty much, at least)!!!! And now I give my thoughts on who JJ Abrams chose to replace the beloved original crew of the Enterprise.  Let’s take a look at them, shall we? I’ll analyze the three main chosen ones tonight and then the others in a bit then put all of them together in a video on youtube. Enjoy!

Captain James Tiberius Kirk

Chris Pine. Hmm. Random. I don’t know if I see the reason Abrams decided on this one, but I’m going to trust J.J. He successfully gave the Mission Impossible serious a serious shot in the arm last year, and I think he’s the perfect choice for directing the new Star Trek flick. Chris Pine is a questionable choice, but let’s wait and see. I don’t know enough about him to judge yet. He has been in Just My Luck and The Princess Diaries 2, though….*cringe*

Science Officer Spock

Can there be any question why there can’t be any question? Creepy super baddie Sylar Zachary Quinto was the first Trek crew member decision for a very good reason – there is literally no other man alive who could capture Spock so perfectly, and he’s done plenty of TV to get ready for a Trek film adaptation – plus he has the original Spock’s stamp of approval. I mean, can it get any better than that? This guy has my stamp of approval, for sure.

Doctor “Bones” McCoy

Karl Urban has been officially cast as Dr. McCoy. Not ShiaLeBoeuf, but oh well. Personally, I don’t have much faith in Urban’s acting skills – he made me want to punch him with his absolutely horrible performance in Pathfinder, and the performance was due more to his flaws than the movie. And if you look at his performance in Lord of the Rings it’s nothing to brag about either. Oddly enough Doom was his best outing. Hmm….where exactly are you going with this, Abrams? I see the resemblance, but the resume….? Hooeee.

Well that’s it for captain, weird alien logical dude, and drunken doctor. The rest of the cast is more in watery territory, specifically Sulu and Scotty, so I’m gonna wait a little bit on those – but they will come. Fear not, my dear Trekkies.


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  2. Um, have you seen Pathfinder? No logical-minded critic is going to say that he gave a good performance in that film. Also, I did not bash him. I just said that I’ve never seen him give a really solidly good performance. Lord of the Rings, it was more due to the material that he was good than his acting. And I said I liked him in Doom, but my point in saying that was the only good performance of his that I’ve seen is in a terrible movie.

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