The crew of the USS Enterprise approaches completion!

Wooooooooop dee doo! Check out this RT article right here. The roles for Scotty and Sulu have been filled for the new Star Trek flick, and they are none other than Simon Pegg and John Cho!! And also, Chris Pine, of Princess Diaries 2 and Just My Luck fame, has been approached to play the legendary James T. Kirk. Here’s hoping he actually ends up being good, as neither of those movies inspires much confidence in me.

In any case, I think that both Pegg and Cho are excellent choices for the roles. Pegg has shown he has a fantastic flair for comedy, but that he also knows how to play good drama. Cho showed a lot better dramatic/comedic potential than the sometimes annoyingly loud John Cho in Harold & Kumar. In any case, most every person chosen so far for this movie looks like they have a good balance of dramatic and comedic ability. Abrams is rounding out his cast nicely. And add that the versatile and always interesting Eric Bana playing the villain Nero, these are the beginnings of a near sure fire hit. I’m anxious to see who will be the writers and special effects people as well. Gaaah, I can’t believe there’s still a year to go!!!

If Chris Pine says yes, there’s just about one person left in this cast. McCoy. Who will it be? A guy over at AICN says he thinks it should be Shia LeBoeuf, which seems to make sense. But would Indy 4 interfere with that. Here’s hoping it won’t.


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