Sonic, he’s got an attitude, Sonic, he’s the fastest thing in liiiiiiiife!!!!


He’s blue, he’s bad, and he’s beating some serious crap out of the wussy Mario in this video intro right here.

Wow. Wow wow wow. I keep on shaking my head because video game history has just been revolutionized for the ages. Now, Sonic lovers and Mario lovers can finally duke it out in an epic battle of the ages. Finally we will know the answer to who is better, Mario or Sonic? And from this video, I think we can see who is the clear winner. 🙂 Hahahahaha. I’m pretty sure the only thing that could make my day better would be winning a million dollars. And even that wouldn’t really do anything because I’d just want to buy Brawl more, and nothing is gonna make that come faster, because now the release date is “TBD.” I think they weren’t gonna put Sonic in until everybody started clamoring for him, so they added him relatively recently in comparison to all the other characters. Oh well, I’d wait another six months, hell, even a year, if it meant having Sonic in Brawl. That guy is worth the wait.

And in case that video makes you doubt, here’s a link to the official Smash Brothers website. Screw that Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games crap. Nobody debating who would win between the two video game titans was talking about how far each of them could jump, or how far they could throw a discus or javelin. It was talking about an all-out, head-to-head, brawl, and that’s what we’re getting. Pardon my french, but I think it is an appropriate time to say it, and no other words could describe the feelings accurately enough.

Fuck yes. Mario, you better watch your ass, cuz Sonic is comin’ after it with lightning-fast speed.

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