And they say that a hero could save us….

Heroes is the practical epitomy of everything that I want to do as a writer. It signifies, above all, a return and a growing appreciation for the sci-fi/comic book fantasy in our culture, not the kind of fantasy that adorns our shelves now, like Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter, and Eragon, but the kind of fantasy where absolutely anything can happen. Science Fiction suffered a bit of a drawback for awhile, but it’s well on its way back.

My books that I want to write feature heroes with powers that have been seen in comic books and films many times, but what makes them different is their individual stories, and that’s what makes Heroes so special, it’s not like Lost, that relies extensively on plot twists that make you go, “Wow!” Heroes, in my opinion, is better, because the plot twists make sense. How wonderful can a plot twist be if you’ve seen no hint at it previously? That’s why Lost kind of annoys me sometimes. I’ll watch it through through its last three seasons, but I will always look forward to Heroes with more excitement.

Anyways, yeah, Heroes gives me hope. It’s the ultimate in modern mythology, a geek’s science fiction dream, where heroes live in the every day world that is populated by real people, not comic book caricatures. That’s what I want to do with Chosen Ones, and, hopefully, some day I will. Thanks, Heroes.


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