Get ready to Smash & Brawl

It’s about freakin time. If Sonic isn’t in Brawl, fans are going to be ultra-pissed. It would be one of the worst fumbles Nintendo could possibly make with Brawl. And hopefully Knuckles will be in it too.

And, check this out. Mario and Sonic, THE two biggest rivals in video game history, are going to be in a game together. (If it turns out that Sonic is in Brawl, then the Olympic Games won’t technically be the first, but oh well.) Do you realize how legendary this is? When Sonic hit the Genesis back in the early 90s, he was the antithesis to everything Mario, the cool and hip to Mario’s cutesy and bubbly. Nobody has ever been able to deny Sonic’s innate coolness factor, but now, they’re in a freakin game together. If anyone ever told you 15 years ago that Sonic was going to be in a video game with Mario, they would have laughed their heads off. But Sega died with its massive Dreamcast screwup, and now they just make games.

I’m keepin ‘ my fingers crossed for Sonic in Brawl. Oh, and heres’ the official Brawl cover art. It’s on Amazon. And it looks like Ash in on the cover. Huh, now there’s a surprise. And looks like they took lessons from the TMNT movie poster as well.


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