“And from that day on, he was as one dead.” – Jack Black, King Kong

And here’s a new old movie review! Hope y’all enjoy!

King Kong (Then:9.9/10; Now: 9/10)

*Possible Spoiler Alert* I’ll do my best to not give away too much about this movie, but there may be one or two things I’ll mention that one might not want to find out before watching the movie.

If Narnia was wonderful, then King Kong is magnificent. This movie surpasses every other movie I’ve seen this year. I’m giving it a stellar 9.9 out of 10. Obviously it is not a perfect movie, and though there are some flaws in it, they are virtually eclipsed by the fact that the rest of the movie is so beautiful.

King Kong is everything we ever wanted from the movies. Excitement. Pure escapism. Action adventure. A beautiful, tender love story. Excellent acting on all sides. Mind-boggling special effects. Simply put, this movie is about as close to perfection as I have ever seen Hollywood come, even coming close to the untouchable Lord of the Rings series. King Kong engages us with a captivating storyline that is enhanced by finely tuned, beautifully nuanced acting, on all sides. It tells the story of how one filmmaker journeys to Skull Island in an attempt to make a movie. There he finds the legendary King Kong, and a host of other troubles as well.

Jack Black plays the filmmaker, and though I have never seen him in a serious role, and found it hard to take him seriously, until I saw the movie, where he plays his character to perfection. Adrien Brody as the kidnapped Jack Driscoll also plays his part wonderfully, with amazing chemistry with Naomi Watts, who is also a wonderful part of the movie. The best part, though, is the chemistry between King Kong and Watts. King Kong looks so real I had a hard time telling he wasn’t real. His eyes, his mouth….everything about him just screamed, “THIS IS A REAL 25 FOOT TALL GORILLA!” And though it is a small detail, I have never seen Hollywood CGI creatures eat the right way. Even Gollum, when he is eating fish…there is something slightly fake about it. But when Kong is munching on a bamboo stick I could have sworn they were both actually there. Kong’s facial expressions are breathtaking as well. It is amazing how he is able to go from humorous to terrifying in a few short moments.

The best part of the movie, though, is the story between Kong and Naomi Watts. The premise is ridiculous…Watts and Kong fall in love. But the filmmakers manage to pull it off in a beautiful way with wonderful acting both from Kong and from Watts. Even Watt’s chemistry with Adrien Brody doesn’t come close to her chemistry with Kong. It is simply beautiful…and Kong is completely believable as the ape who goes ape over a girl.

King Kong is a beautiful, magnificent, majestic movie. 9.9/10. The only places where it goes wrong is in its slow buildup to the arrival on the island, and the occasional fake-looking brief half a second to a second long special effects shot. However, I appreciated that they did not rush to the island for the amazing special effects, as other filmmakers *cough*Lucas*cough* would have done. I also appreciated the fact that they worked extensively with miniatures, and not with extensive CGI, as some filmmakers *cough*Lucas*cough* would have done. Go see King Kong, okay? The special effects are amazing, the story is wonderful, and the gorilla is almost human. All in all a perfect movie to close off 2005, and undoubtedly one that will stand as a monument of great filmmaking in cinema history for years to come.

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