“You will try to spell his name correctly this time, won’t you?” – Hot Fuzz

Greetings, citizens! I have a very large amount of updates for you today, and I apologize for the wait, but I’ve been getting up my youtube videos, which I’ll give the link to later. Before that, though, some buzz!

First there’s this juicy little tidbit about the hottest of hot (or at least Hollywood would like us to believe) Jessica Biel possibly playing Wonder Woman in the upcoming Justice League of America. I have to admit, though, she seems absolutely perfect for the role, and it would be fantastic to see all of our heroes together in one movie, which has never happened before.

And THIS just seems stupid. A Terminator movie without Ah-nold? You’ve gotta be kidding me. And a full-on trilogy? No way. I predict massive money will be spent on the first film only to have it flop in theaters and have the rest of the series cut off at the knees. I certainly hope they don’t make three of them. Unless they get fantastic reviews, I am not going to see it. It would be like Die Hard without John McClane (Bruce Willis), The Bourne films without Bourne (Matt Damon.) How many times in movie history has a different actor replaced an old one with much success? Last time I counted, it was close to zero.

And finally some real buzz on the upcoming X-Files movie. The original was a fantastical movie experience, the perfect example of how you make a successful movie from a TV show. Hopefully they’ll bring back all the old cast and crew and make this new one just as good.

And this looks kinda fun. A Mummy 3. The Scorpion King was horrible attempt to imitate the wonderful tongue-in-cheek fun of the first two films. Nobody can compare with Brendan Fraser in this department. And, thankfully, they still have Brendan Fraser on board, it looks like. Not Rachel Weisz, though. Eh, I’m not too sad. Maria Bello replaces her, and she’s a great actress. I love Weisz as an actress, but she was never too terribly impressive in the Mummy films. Oh, and yeah. Sweet. A Terra Cotta Army. Awesome.

And Transformers 2 is finally official for Summer 2009. With Monsters and Aliens and Avatar scheduled for that same release date, this’ll be a fun summer at the movies. If you’ll look at the end, though, this delays Keanu Reeves’s The Day The Earth Stood Still, which kinda makes me pissed. Oh well.

And finally some Trek casting buzz. Somebody’s finally been (maybe) chosen to play Kirk. Mike Vogel. It’s just a rumor at this point, but he is in Cloverfield, which Abrams is producing, so I don’t know. It’s very possible, in any case. I don’t know if I like his looks, but you’ve got to admit, he looks a hell of a lot like young Kirk way back in the day. Oh well. Here’s hoping Abrams has got the magic touch.

And finally, the biggest news of the day, my youtube blog is up! It’s www.youtube.com/moviebuzzreviewdude!!! Please go watch and comment! I will be posting up all the reviews I’ve done on here, so that, eventually, all my reviews I’ve ever written will be both available on here and on youtube. I hope you guys like it, enjoy!! Now, I must go to homework. Ta ta for now, people.


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