“I’d like to play a game.” – Jigsaw, “Saw II”

Well, here’s a new little tid bit of trailer that looks fairly interesting. Let’s hope this very interesting premise doesn’t devolve into some typical mindless shlock like Hollywood is known for.

Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot lately. I’ve been busy as school approaches. But I will do my best to continually report on rumors and such. I think once I get some videos up on youtube I will be back in the game and my site will be reinvigorated. Let’s hope so.

And in light of my resolution to continually bring you rumors, check this out. Scroll down to view the news item. Yup, the sqeuaky clean High School Musical star has yet again had more photos of herself nude released on the web. Geez my knees, Vanessa. How many pictures did you take?

Oh, and Whoopi Goldberg has been added to the View. Yummy.


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